Sablique – Fun Size Frank Spank – Brat Princess 2 foot fetish

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This seems a bit too big. Too much space. Sablique size-downs him a bit. I hope he wont tug a lot There is so much trouble for Little Frank. He tugs on everything! He must be punished. He knows its unacceptable to tug. Sablique lays him over her lap, removes black gloves, and starts kicking him. He looks so helpless and stupid lying there. She spanks him, makes his ass nice and pink, rolls him over, and inspects his chastity. Hes way too big. Too much room. Sablique snuck it down. A cute little beta with a cute little chastity! Maybe he wont tug a The little boy keeps pulling! Hes in a lot of trouble! Despite knowing it is unacceptable to tug, he keeps tugging. Sablique takes him over her lap, gets out her black gloves, and starts punishing him. There is nothing but pity in his eyes. He lay there helpless and stupid. He is spanked. Her pink ass makes his ass a perfect color. As she rolls him over, she examines his chastity. A cute chastity for a little beta!...