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out a textbook straight headscissors on the bigger sub, with a perfect rear naked choke snaked around the thin wimp, Harry. She uses Harry for balance to trample Charles, then drops a devastating rear naked choke on him while trapping Harry in a SGP, her adductors accidently flexing. The tall, painfully pretty blonde is also a great athlete. A master at submission holds, her quads flex and divide as Charles pounds the mat from the pressure of her eye-popping straight headscissors. Her ankles slap together in front of a helpless Harry as Tyler shows off her incredible form, her perfect feet locked out in the air. Tyler makes Charles retrieve his slipper as she headscissors Harry, then shoves the shoe into Charles mouth, laughing while jamming and pumping it into his face. A throatscissors on Harry as the classic beauty continues ramming the slipper into the big subs mouth, thrilled at the cruelty of the act and bemused her legs control Harry as she commits it. Tyler applies another perfect RNC that has Charles sputtering; she jumps on him and yells at Harry, You! Up! locking her RNC on the weaker guy as she uses Charles as a stepper. She orders Charles to lick her soles while she again headscissors the thin guy in brutal straight headscissors, hurting and humiliating both men beneath her. Take the whole thing! she taunts Charles, drilling her foot into his throat, gagging him then making him clean the mess. Another straight headscissors on Harry, then again on Charles, as the girl with no tattoos nearly cracks his jaw from the pressure of her perfect legs. She again rams Charles slipper into his mouth, plunging and ripping it, laughing You must like it as she continues to headscissor Harry. Holding onto Harrys...