Sloppy Seconds Foot Worship – AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS ballbustin goddess

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is allowing these betas the PRIVILEGE of proving themselves worthy enough to worship her shoes and feet. Princess Lexi knows how important it is that losers continue to prove their usefulness, or else they risk being kicked out of the Manor and out of our lives FOR GOOD! (Which is like a betas absolute worst nightmare!)   Lexi Chase holds their leashes tight while she shoves her perfect tiny feet in their faces. She humiliates them while they lick the arches of her feet, laughing in their faces. Lexi demands that these losers impress her with their limited beta skills. Despite their efforts, Lexi isn’t convinced that they are doing their absolute best.   She decides to take matters into her own hands and shoves her feet so far down their throats that they gag!!!! LOL Its funny cause she doesn’t even care that they suck on the same foot as the other loser lmao. One beta makes the mistake of using its teeth while getting gagged by Lexi’s perfect feet and has been revoked of that privilege (but don’t worry, it will get beaten BADLY...