A Giantess Needs Love VR 360 – Media Impact Customs shrinking sizefetish

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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:27 min
         (The PoV Camera is located. Sorta in the center of the city setup.)                 A Giantess enters the city,. She enjoys the sensation of her booming footsteps as they shake the. The sudden influx of pleasure causes the giantess to. She reaches.                 The horny giantess rises back to her feet, still in the throes of her lust and walks around the city, searching for a companion, but most of the little humans have already fled or were crushed earlier. She spends a few moments seducing me. Knowing that I found her size extremely attractive, she teases me constantly due to the size difference.                 After a while of strolling through the city, the giantess decides. The giantess is loving every minute of our new relationship, and decides. Her orgasm destroys. . She gets a naughty idea in her head and places me onto the roof of a. She towers over me and the building, straddling us between. She reaches down and picks me back up, thanking me for satisfying her. She admires her handiwork, getting aroused. She places me down. She teases me with her platform high heels, taking great pleasure in. Soon, her teasing becomes more erotic as she picks me up and. After a bit of this foreplay, the giantess is. She dangles me above her mouth, sticking out her tongue as if she is. Instead, she commands me to cum for her, indicating that she wanted me to cum in. She begs me for cum. ...