Anna Lemon and her little Prisoners 4K Version VR 360 – Winzlings Shrinking Clips panty fetish i

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perusing her options, looking hungrily through the windows of all the tiny homes.

She rips open a roof, shaking the house – looking inside as the tiny prisoners fly from wall to wall with her casual action. “Its dinner timeeee!” she says, lying on her back – she tilts the house over and allows some tinies to spill into her mouth. When some miss, she picks them from the floor to gobble them up – swallowing audibly. “That was amazing.”

With the residence now vacant, she offers it to her other tinies. When no one accepts the offer, she destroys the house under her bare feet – stepping on it over and over again – scrunching its twisted remains between her glossy pink pedicured toes as its previous occupants slowly digest inside her. She kicks the unusable remains of the house to the corner of the room with a laugh, before going to bed “ahaha.”

The Next Day:

“Where is my dinner sitting?” Anna says, wearing only an unbuttoned blouse. Hands on her hips, she looks down at the horrified prisoners – some of whom have taken the liberty of exploring the floor outside of the houses (plastic figures).

“Why are you out of your houses?! You tried to escape?” Anna stomps her bare foot beside one of the tinies, emitting an audible growl as her sole smacks into the floor. “Im so angry!” she says, stomping both feet into the ground – each stomp sending shockwaves up her towering body – fueling her anger and desire to crush these ill-mannered insects. She tosses aside her translucent blouse while she contemplates their fate.

“Dont escape from me. No one could escape from me.”

On all fours, completely naked, she begins to inspect all her tinies – taking one and shoving him through the upstairs window of a house - swallowing another so audibly the entire village could hear.

“Who else ran away so far? Aha! I see you!”...