Bianca loses it! wrestling hanz

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Studio:Hanz VanDerKill's Battle Theatre
Length:12 minutes
then he sees Mia Annabella, who is substituting camera duties with a sadistic grin on her face enjoying what shes seeing. As she would! At one point Bianca looks directly at the camera and her gaze is distant, her eyes are glossed over, and she appears to not be aware of the camera anymore or anything else. Shes in a trance-like bloodlust getting her frustrations sated with the dopamine of a fresh slaughter. The match ends the only way it civilly could, with Bianca victorious and Hanz scratched, bruised and probably thankful the match was over. If you like particularly intense encounters where taps are ignored, faces are clawed, hair is pulled and hand smothers are held till the opponent panics you will live this onslaught. If you like friendlier more sporting competitive matches you might want to skip this one! Its not friendly! xml version=1.0 encoding=%SOUP-ENCODING%This was scheduled to be a friendly sporty semi-competitive match but little known to Hanz, Bianca is already fuming. A combination of frustrations in...