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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:14 min
has this power. She wants to be the only one with it. As soon as Rachel Adams discovered the secret to shrinking people, she was excited about the power it would give her, but all the people in her company knew of it, and they would either steal it or make it public. The only person with this power, Rachel, now has to tie up some loose ends. She hunts down all of her shrinking co-workers and eats them all in order to conceal the evidence. It was exciting for Rachel Adams to discover the secret to shrinking people, but she had to deal with all the employees in her company who knew of her research and would try and steal it or reveal it to the public. In order to hide the evidence, Rachel hunted down all of her shrunken co-workers and ate all of them after collecting them in order to ensure she was the only one with this power. Upon discovering the secret of shrinking people, Rachel Adams was very excited about the...