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Grappling Girls in Action
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Studio:Grappling Girls in Action
Length:9 min
flexibility, and begins applying scissors to Kuna in an attempt to see if he can escape. Mya grips him in her unbreakable grip, and he is unable to escape when she traps him between her legs. Mya then secures him with body scissors and kisses him to show him that she has truly won. As soon as Mya defeated Jose in her first match, her boyfriend Kuna was curious if she would even be able to make him submit. The two wrestle and when she feels her unbreakable grip, Mya applies scissors to Kuna to see if he can escape. Mya uses scissors to see if he can escape. After feeling her unbreakable grip, he cannot escape when her unbreakable grip catches him between her legs. He becomes trapped between her legs and cannot escape. As she kisses him, Mya shows him she has truly won. Her boyfriend Kuna is curious as to whether she can even force Jose into submission after her first victory. As Kuna is much heavier and stronger than Mya, he has an enormous weight advantage. Mya displays her flexibility through yoga and starts applying scissors. When he feels her...