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Grappling Girls in Action
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Studio:Grappling Girls in Action
Length:9 min
She is holding back as well, afraid of hurting him. Carmela weighs 220 pounds, which is double Mannys weight. Manny would not have been able to continue if she had gone after him full tilt. If she had done so, the match would have ended in 30 seconds. Manny tries to use his quickness, but once Carmela gets her grip, he is crushed and squeezed into submission. She uses holds like the Headscissor, Bodyscissors, and Pi It takes Carmela to take Manny down, get on top of him and flatten him in a matter of seconds. Shes holding back, afraid to hurt him. 20-year-old Carmela is 220 pounds, twice Mannys weight. Shes holding back also, afraid of hurting him. In 30 seconds, if she had attacked Manny full tilt, the match would have ended without him being able to continue. While Manny attempts to use his quickness, Carmela crushes him to submission. Holds include the Headscissor, Bodyscissors, Pi As Carmela weighs 220 pounds, twice Mannys body weight, she absolutely flattens...