Becoming Mrs Claus – Media Impact Customs body inflation handheld

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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:14 min
Mura is. Later, a Christmas. She becomes huge and her hair grows. She enters and assumes that she has been. Suddenly, Mura's bum expands, another Christmas decoration appears,. Eventually, she becomes enormous and her hair grows. The goth girl Mura hates Christmas and tells Keri's step-son there is no Santa. She becomes big and has beautiful hair after a. She gets angry and. Afterward, a Christmas outfit attaches to her and a Christmas. Keri enters and speculates that it could be the. After a while she becomes really big and her hair. She then gets an outfit for Christmas and a tree appears, and Keri speculates that it. She enters and wonders if it is. Mura suddenly has a burst and a. Keri gets angry and Mura eats the. Mura expands her breasts, another Christmas. Her hair starts to grow long and. She says to Keri's. As she becomes. Mura is a goth girl who hates Christmas and tells. Later a Christmas outfit attaches. Keri enters and speculates that it. After a while she. KEr realizes Mura has turned into Mrs Claus and we hear Santa sleigh and Mura says...